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What is Novelists, Inc.?

Novelists, Inc. (Ninc) was founded in 1989 as an organization for published authors of popular fiction.

I already belong to a writers organization. What does Ninc offer me that they don't?

Most writers organizations include published and unpublished writers, and address a specific genre. Ninc is the only writers organization devoted exclusively to the needs and concerns of multi-published, professional novelists. No contests, no "tiers" of membership, no self-promotion, no "how to write a query letter" articles or conference panels. Ninc concentrates all of its efforts on the business of the business, at a level designed for the needs of career novelists.

Is it true that Ninc is mainly romance writers?

Ninc members write in numerous genres (many in more than one), including:

Graphic Novels

Science Fiction
Women's Fiction
Young Adult

Ninc was originally founded by women writers, which often leads to the misapprehension that it is a romance-oriented organization. But, in fact, Ninc's focus is on multi-published novelists, regardless of genre.

May I attend the Ninc conference?

The conference is for members only. If you are an industry professional and would like to attend as a speaker or a guest, contact the Conference chair listed on our Contacts page.

What does Ninc offer the professional novelist?

  • Ninc's monthly newsletter, Nink, focuses on articles of interest to professional writers.

  • The national conference brings together members and publishing industry professionals in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere; this is the place to discuss publishing issues, network with peers, and forge alliances.

  • Ninc's one-of-a-kind e-mail loop, Ninclink, allows members to engage in online networking every day, and is particularly popular as a go-to resource for research and the latest industry information.

  • A discount on personalized BookScan reports joins a growing list of discounts available to Ninc members.

  • Ninc also offers a Legal Fund, Digital Rights Management Committee, Model Royalty Statement project, the considerable resources of the Members Only area of this website, and the opportunity to participate in Ninc anthology projects.

If an author is already on the New York Times bestseller list, why would he or she consider joining Ninc?

Writing is an isolating profession. Ninc enables its members to connect with other writers. Even bestselling authors benefit from being part of a writing community—which is no doubt why so many bestsellers already belong to Ninc. Nine per cent of Ninc members are New York Times bestsellers, and nearly 20% of members have appeared on other bestseller lists, such as Publishers Weekly and USA Today. Belonging to Ninc doesn't guarantee any member a place on bestseller lists, obviously, but the newsletter articles, conference contacts, and e-mail discussions often inspire members, spark new ideas, and help formulate approaches to achieving the next level of success.

Who belongs to Ninc?

Professional, multi-published novelists working in every area of popular fiction, many in more than one genre. Some of Ninc's members have sold two novels, some have sold over one hundred. The average number of book sales per member is sixteen. Quite a few Ninc members are also published in non-fiction, short fiction, poetry, academia, drama, and graphic novels.

Why was Novelists, Inc. founded?

Professional novelists recognized the lack of a single organization devoted specifically to their unique needs. Some writers organizations focus a lot of their energy on helping aspiring writers achieve publication, and others focus on a specific genre. Ninc came into existence to provide career novelists with a multi-genre forum in which they could share professional information, explore creative strategies, and engage in networking with their peers, i.e. other multi-published professional novelists.

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