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Where Will You Be September 30 - October 4, 2015?

If your answer is “At the Ninc World Conference, of course!” or “I’m still thinking about it,” here’s a partial lineup of some people who will be there, along with (as of February 14) well over 200 of your fellow NINC members:
Porter Anderson
Porter Anderson , BA, MA, MFA: You may remember Porter from our 2014 conference, and his brilliant handling of our First Word Day. We are delighted to be a Porter Anderson Media Partner.

Richard NashRichard Nash : Richard Nash’s presence at Novelists Inc.’s conference is important because he’s not only a major observer and commentator, but also compassionate, funny, and the kind of guy you realize immediately is smart because he’s been there. ... [Read More]
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In Praise of the Novella

In Praise of the Novella

     In the frantic pace of today’s publishing world—particularly indie fiction—writers are expected to put out frequent work to satisfy the cravings of their fans.  If you’re driving yourself crazy trying to publish three to five novels a year, you can probably write one—sandwiched between a couple of novellas.
   The form is generally considered to be about eighteen to twenty-five thousand words in length, although some people say it’s anything up to forty thousand words.  But in my mind, writing a long novella defeats the purpose of the format. Instead, think of a story you can write short. ... [Read More]


My Desk, My Mess!

You know, when I read articles about Feng Shui and other high-minded schools of thought that tell me I would be so much more productive and spiritually unencumbered if I’d clean off my desk, I want to agree. Really I do. My house, in general, is picked up but my kitchen counter and the desk in my office are a perpetual mess! I tell myself that “when I finish this book, I’ll clean up my desk”— and I do. Sort of.


But then I begin another book, and by the time I’ve been cranking out pages for a few hours the clutter has already crept back. ... [Read More]

Graphic Artist/Photographer Marti Corn

Tell us a little about yourself and your company Corn Creative.

I’m originally from Northern Virginia, but because of my dad’s work with the CIA, we lived several years in London and Canberra where he worked as a liaison with the embassies there. I’m certain those experiences instilled my passion for travel and exploring other cultures. I earned a B.S. in Journalism and shortly thereafter began working for an ad agency in Washington, D.C. When my second son was born, I wanted more freedom to determine my own schedule, so I began my own design studio with a focus on associations. ... [Read More]

Getting It Out There: PR and Social Media for Writers

When I started on my road to publication back in the mid-80s, I didn’t know any other writers lived in the state of Michigan. I’d never spoken to a real author. All my information was gleaned from an out- of-date copy of Fiction Writers Market and what I saw on the bookshelves (which was, of course, at least 18 months past the start of any trend). When I look back, I find it amazing that I ever got a proposal into the right hands, let alone got published! It’s 50+ books later and, I’ve come a long way, baby! ... [Read More]


A Musical Mystery Tour

Many years ago, on one of our trips to Scotland, my family and I visited Culzean (“Cull-ane”) castle in Ayrshire. The gardens soon became the setting of an early scene in Dust to Dust. Even sooner, though—as in, when we returned to the hotel—I realized that the album I’d bought in the gift shop was missing.

I dug through the suitcases I’d packed for our trip home. I phoned the castle. Nada.

Still, we stopped by on our way to the airport the next morning. The people in the shop were very nice but couldn’t help.... ... [Read More]


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