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My Desk, My Mess!

You know, when I read articles about Feng Shui and other high-minded schools of thought that tell me I would be so much more productive and spiritually unencumbered if I’d clean off my desk, I want to agree. Really I do. My house, in general, is picked up but my kitchen counter and the desk in my office are a perpetual mess! I tell myself that “when I finish this book, I’ll clean up my desk”— and I do. Sort of.


But then I begin another book, and by the time I’ve been cranking out pages for a few hours the clutter has already crept back. ... [Read More]

Writing Wild: 7 Questions with Tina Welling

In Writing Wild you discuss how writing changed your life, even caused disruption, can you tell us about that?

WRITING WILD is about awareness, about waking up through our senses and discovering our interconnection to all things. This realization changes a person. In my case, it affected my relationship with myself and that created a domino series of changes in my marriage, in my mothering, in my position with my original family. In the book, I discuss how exhilarating this was for me and perplexing for the others.

Who is this book not for?

WRITING WILD, Forming a Creative Partnership with Nature is a book about becoming more awake to ourselves and the natural world. ... [Read More]

Who Lives Here, Really?

Last year I sold a new Amish series to Harlequin’s Love Inspired line. I quickly concocted a new setting, new characters, and the ideas for several potential stories, and then when the editor bought my series I wrote a complete first chapter of the first book. Because I’ve had two other Amish series in publication for a while, I then went back to those worlds to complete some books. Now I have this new collage hanging above my computer so I can write the rest of this Harlequin book, entitled DEBORAH’S CONFESSION.


But who are these people?? ... [Read More]