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Just One Thing Participation

Not every Ninc member can participate at the level of Conference Committee member, and the Just One Thing program doesn’t ask that anyone do that.  But can you do Just One Thing (JOT)?

Remember:  We don’t want to own you … but we sure wouldn’t mind renting you for a while!

Here are some of the openings we’ve got for JOT participants.  If you see one (or two) that you like, that appeal to you, give a holler, and we’ll set you right up.  Oh, and check back often — we’re bound to think of more ways you can become involved with Ninc Goes Platinum.  Thank you!

Nuts ’N Bolts

Contact Person, Co-chair

Leslie’s crew of JOTs will help in both planning and on-site supervision regarding things that just plain have to “work” so that the conference is an enjoyable, stress-free experience for everyone.

Including but not limited to:

PROXY COORDINATOR – We need enough signed proxy forms to make sure our attendance at the Ninc General Meeting, scheduled during the conference, meets the requirements of our Bylaws.  If you’re good at nose-counting and nagging, Ninc Needs You!

TRANSPORTATION – Arranging transportation for a speaker, for two speakers, being in charge of the whole travel thing – tell us what you want to do.

WORKSHOP AREA POTTY PATROL – Someone to check two or three times a day and report if it’s time to call for some housekeeping help.  Small job?  Yup.  Unless you’re the one caught in the stall without the toilet paper – then it’s the most important job on this list!

CLYDES:  (for lack of a better name) –  Folks to make sure the place name cards are changed after each workshop, that the people at the podium have fresh water, writing paper and pens, and that the microphones still work.  If you want to help keep the speakers watered and wired for one or more workshops, let us know.  And, yes, Clydes get to pick which workshop they want to work, on a first shout-out, first assigned basis.

WORKSHOP/NIGHTOWL MODERATORS – You already know this one.  Introduce the speakers/topic, have a question or two ready to start the action (we’ll help there!), and, in general, keep the crowd from getting too rowdy.  So you don’t miss a session you are dying to attend, you also get to pick your moderator slot from the list of workshops, first shout-out, first assigned.

REGISTRATION DESK – Be the first friendly face conference attendees encounter as you sign people in and give them their goodie bags.  No pay, but the hours are flexible.

TRANSPORTATION LOOP – In charge of the Yahoo loop where members discuss sharing rides to and from the airport, etc.

OFF-SITE TOUR SIGN-UP COORDINATOR – Eileen Dreyer and her Saint Louis Posse will come up with ideas, then pass along info to this person for organizing tours, possible sporting event tickets, etc., for those who want to see some of the city, and for those who feel the need to dump some of their family somewhere for a few hours.  St. Louis is a family city, perfect for combining the conference with some family time (so please pardon the word “dump,” but you know what we mean).

BAR DESIGNER – Let’s make the Drury our home away from home; use your talents to decorate our designated bar room. 

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  *General Conference Discussion
  *Saint Louis Area Tours
  *Bookstore Visits

People Persons

Contact Co-Chair

Karen’s People Persons Posse includes anyone who wants to help contact, invite, and assist editors, agents, and other publishing personnel concerning the conference, as well as keeping all attendees happy (seriously!).

Included but not limited to:

MUNCHIE TABLE NAZI (paraphrasing Seinfeld for lack of a better title) – One for each such opportunity we provide; someone who makes sure the coffee pots don’t run dry, we don’t run out of munchies, etc. 

SPEAKER ESCORTS – Volunteers to make sure special invited speakers get to the right workshop room at the right time and aren’t left to wander the hallways on their own throughout the conference or sit alone during conference events.

PRESS RELEASE WRITER – Anybody good at PR?  And, wow, the job comes with JOT proofreaders – how great is that!

GOODIE-BAG STUFFERS – Party hearty in the President’s suite on the night before the conference while loading up schedules, giveaways, etc., for attendees.

HOSTS/HOSTESSES FOR THE OFF-SITE SIGN-UP MEALS – Lunch and Dinner hosts/hostesses, a redux of our NY fun, so everyone gets to mix and mingle at meal time in groups of 10 to 12.

OFF-SITE TRANSPO COORDINATOR – Arrange for any van, cab or bus transportation we might need to hire for restaurant jaunts or offsite programs. (The hotels downtown all use the same small service, which they say is great.)

GOODIE-BAG GURUS – Obtaining freebies and giveaways if you’ve got an “in” somewhere or anyone you can blackmail.  Like that.

BOOKSTORE ORGANIZER – We need someone who knows how to use the Internet to locate local Saint Louis bookstores and provide contact information and directions from the Drury Plaza, for use by members who sign up for the Bookstore Yahoo loop.


Sylvie Kurtz
Judy Myers

MUNCHIE TABLE NAZI (more needed)
Linda Barrett

Sylvie Kurtz
Barbara Meyers

Linda Barrett

Kristine Smith

Linda Barrett

Mary Jo Putney
Shirl Henke

Jasmine Cresswell
Patricia Rice
Pari Noskin Taichert

Vicki Lewis Thompson
Julie Leto Klapka

Sally Hawkes

Sylvie Kurtz

Jennifer Stevenson

Janelle Clare Schneider