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Member Yahoo Loops

Ninc Goes Platinum has set up a variety of Yahoo Loops for attendees (Ninc members and Industry Guests). Check the listings below, and sign up to the loops of your choice (no limit).

Carpooling — for those who wish to drive together to the conference (seven states are within driving distance of Saint Louis)  Moderator:  Kristine Smith.  Sign up at:

Travel Together — for those who’d like to perhaps plan flights together, transpo to and from the Drury Plaza and the airport, etc.  Sign up at:

Roommates — find your roommate here.  Moderator:  Janelle Clare Schneider  Sign up at:

General Conference Discussion — pretty self-explanatory; a loop for discussing all things conference-related, from the weather to what you plan to pack, to which workshops intrigue you most, etc.

Saint Louis Area Tours — check out what we’re looking at as far as planning tours and entertainment off-site for attendees and their families. Sign up at:

Bookstore Visits — No time for a formal booksigning? How about organizing a drop-in visit or stock signing with a few Ninc pals? Ninc Goes Platinum is preparing a full list of bookstores in the Saint Louis area, as well as providing links to street maps and individual store contact information. The rest is up to you!  Sign up at:

Note:  We still need Moderators for several of the Loops.  To volunteer, please contact Nuts-N-Bolts Co-Chair