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September 2012   •  Vol. 23, No. 09   •  Download pdf version

In Memoriam:
Marcia (Marci) Evanick


Marci EvanickNINC lost a longtime member when Marci was so cruelly taken from us after a valiant year-long battle with what she called her “Unicorn ALS—because my doctors say my form of the disease exists, but nobody’s ever seen one.”

She knew what she was facing—writers will research anything—but that didn’t stop her from using one of her hospital DNR bracelets as a bookmark. She spent her last year easing the way for her family and friends, and made arrangements to donate her body to Johns Hopkins Hospital to further ALS research.

Marci wrote 42 books during her career, was honored by accolades and awards from several organizations, and reached the pinnacle, the New York Times Bestseller List.

Her contributions to NINC from 2008 to 2011, both as a conference volunteer and then two years as NINC Treasurer, changed the organization. It was Marci who first saw the need to totally revamp NINC’s financial accounting system. It was Marci who showed us how to institute changes that clarified the distribution of assets and allowed for the special one-day programs that now preface the conferences, enabled us to draw more industry guests, and made projects like The NINC Binder possible. She even found ways to feed attendees again! It was her explanation of proper bookkeeping that allowed us to enlarge the content and scope of Nink. And all while pinching every penny and staying true to NINC’s mission.

Table of Contents

President’s Voice: Cause for Reflection

NINC 2012 Profitable Partnerships:
   First Word: Exploring New Profitable Partnership
   Make the 2012 NINC-NY Conference Your NINCation!
   2013 Election Ballot
   2013 Annual Business Meeting Proxy

There’s Gold in Them Thar Bergen

The Story Plant: Growing Authors

Writing Is Taxing: Ooops!

The Mad Scribbler: The Dunce Cap

Even as her illness worsened, she remained on the Board, and assisted the incoming Treasurer, familiarizing her with the details of the job. When she could no longer hold the phone and her family had to assist her, she still refused to simply stop helping and resign, leave the job to others. “I finish what I start,” she told them.

But, sadly, there were things left undone; there simply wasn’t enough time. In order to at least partially thank her, NINC members have volunteered to finish the job Marci began last year, that of converting and uploading the remainder of her books in eformat, where they will live forever; her legacy to her fans, her husband, her five children, her six young grandchildren. For writers never die, not as long as their words can be read.

During Marci's illness, NINC members—even those who’d never met her—sent her books, silly cards, sillier little gifts, letting                 Continued on page 5

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