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Ninc Conferenceabout utilizing all formats by saying that she indie publishes both in POD and audio formats, in addition to e-books.

When industry guests were asked how their relationships with authors have changed since the growth of indie publishing, they responded that authors are more knowledgeable now and many are aware of things like meta data; however the essential author/editor relationship is the same. They also acknowledged that now they know if a book doesn’t work for them, the author will probably do something else with that work, such as indie publish it, and this affects negotiations. It puts a different kind of pressure on the publisher and has to be taken into consideration. They have learned that things like preorder buttons and price experimentation are important to authors. They also talk with authors about what’s working for the author’s indie books and are, therefore, more open to new pricing strategies.

Authors were asked what they missed about traditional publishing. Most cited editorial support, but more than one also said they hadn’t had a lot of editing while traditionally publishing and can now hire someone to do that. One said she didn’t miss much except maybe being taken to lunch at conferences. Traditional publishing had reduced her to jelly and now her indie income is 17 times what it was when she was only published traditionally.

The roundtable ended with the industry guests saying that, as time goes on, they think authors will become more like them and the industry guests will become more like the indie-published authors. They think things will come together a bit and that publishers are already working with indie authors to make things more seamless. They believe the entire pie has gotten much bigger and the publishing world is trying to find ways to take advantage of those opportunities. “Sea changes have happened. This is disruptive, but forces change. Hopefully, that makes for a healthy book market.”

Lori Devoti has written for major publishers and not-so-major publishers. Now with the new options open to authors, she has gone indie, teaches writing, runs The How to Write Shop, and does e-book formatting for other authors on the side. Find out more about her at or

Passing the Torch

After two entertaining, interesting, and busy years as the editor of Nink, I’m passing the torch to the wonderful Laura Phillips, who has been an insightful contributor to many issues of the newsletter in the past and will rock as editor.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know so many of you through working with you on contributed articles and meeting you at conferences. I’m going to miss the energy buzz that I get when pulling the issues together and that “in the loop” feeling from being on the board. Thank you for a great two years. It’s been great fun!

— Marianna Jameson

NINC Statement of Principle: Novelists, Inc., in acknowledgment of the crucial creative contributions novelists make to society, asserts the right of novelists to be treated with dignity and in good faith; to be recognized as the sole owners of their literary creations; to be fairly compensated for their creations when other entities are profiting from those creations; and to be accorded the respect and support of the society they serve.

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