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Here are a few last minute updates to the conference schedule:

8 a.m. Saturday Workshop:

Tricks of the Trade: Optimizing Your Website for Better Search Engine Rankings, David Wind (Author)

This workshop will explain the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and help teach you how to do your own SEO at a more professional level. David will also focus on the connection and importance between design, layout, and marketing, and how the meta-tags needed for SEO are used in conjunction with the readable text on each page.

2:45 p.m. Saturday Workshop:

Discoverability Toolkit, Liz Edelstein w/a Liz Maverick (Author/Digital marketing specialist/former manager, Heroes and Heartbreakers website [St. Martin's Press])

You’ve heard all the theories of discoverability and marketing. But exactly what are you supposed to do to make these theories work for you? This workshop examines how to optimize your existing promotional efforts and achieve a higher return on your investment in a world where publishers expect you to bring in readers and increase sales. Newsletters, short story bait, guest-blogging, partnering with your publisher and more will be discussed.

4:00 p.m. Saturday Workshop:

Scrivener, Kelly McClymer (Author)

This workshop will discuss how to use the versatile and powerful writing program Scrivener to keep track of plot, characters, themes, and research, as well as create customized formats such as .epub and .mobi.

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