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The Speakers Coming In October!


The conference committee has locked in a top-notch list of guest speakers for the conference in October in Myrtle Beach. Over the past several Bulletin updates you’ve been teased with a few photos, some hints, and a tossed out program idea or two about what’s coming. Now, here is the list of ten industry guest speakers who will conduct workshops, sit on panels or roundtables, and otherwise be available for you to chat with during the conference weekend:

Lisa Cron

Lisa spent a decade in publishing before turning to TV. She’s worked on shows for Fox, Bravo and Miramax, and she’s been a story consultant for Warner Brothers and the William Morris Agency in NYC. Lisa will conduct a two hour writing workshop for First Word.

F. Robert Stein

Bob counsels and represents authors, literary agents, book publishers and others in publishing. He drafts and negotiates author contracts, and all other book publishing agreements. Bob will be conducting a two hour legal session, as well as six hour-long mini Q&A sessions with members.

Lisa Erbach Vance

Lisa is with the Aaron Priest Literary Agency. She will participate on two panels and conduct a workshop. Lisa is currently most interested in contemporary fiction, especially women’s fiction with a welldefined narrative voice, and observant, thoughtful fiction about families and friends, with fresh perspectives on modern relationships.

Mark Lefebvre

Mark is Director of Self-Publishing & Author Relations at, as well as being an author and editor. Mark will sit on a panel and conduct a workshop.    

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