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January 2013   •  Vol. 24, No. 1   •  Download pdf version

Ninc 2012 Conference


Julie’s Lifeboat Team

Julie Ortolon


Julie Ortolon very kindly shared the secrets of her much talked about Lifeboat Team, an authors’ promotional co-op, in this workshop. Her team formed partially spontaneously (they’ve been emailing each other with questions for a while) and intentionally (once they got together at last year’s conference and decided to move ahead with an official group).

Below is her advice, organized into a checklist, about how to build a team like hers.

  • Choose people who have a variety of specific skills you need, not just people you like, but people with a good head for business.

  • Be careful with size. Six to ten people would work best, twelve tops. Too many people will sink the lifeboat. You want maximum impact with minimum effort, people who seriously want a big career.

  • Make sure you choose people you trust as you’ll be sharing financial and other confidential information.

  • You need a team you feel comfortable with. You have to feel free to speak up when you need to tell the group it’s getting overwhelming. Remember that you’re a writer first. Be protective of your writing time. Only writing is writing. Tweeting is not writing. Your next book is your best promotion.

  • Teams like this work best when the authors write in various sub-genres. It helps your audience grow even more.

  • Choose enough genres so there’ll be crosspollination, but they shouldn’t be so close that you cannibalize each other’s readers.

  • You should choose teammates whose work you’re comfortable promoting. When you’re praising someone else’s work, it needs to be authentic for readers to believe it.

Table of Contents

President’s Voice: Launching the New Year of NINC
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     Scrutinizing Scrivener
     NINCThink: Subsidiary Rights and Tie-in Products
     Emotional Landscape and Inner Journey
     Amazon General Session
     NINCThink: What Does Quality Fiction Mean?
     Partnering to Expand Your Reach
Writing Is Taxing: Resolve to Retire Rich
The Mad Scribbler: Learning Curve

  1. You have to feel comfortable with the group to pursue your goals while supporting the goals of others.

    Ortolon also talked about things we can do to make our teams effective.
  2. Bookmark each other’s Facebook pages then visit every morning. Share and comment to build links.
  3. Write posts that other people (readers) will share as well. Generally speaking, posts with photos get more shares than text            Continued on page 5  

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