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Never Say Never Again

I never wanted to self-publish. Never... because I am a slow writer and thought I had my hands full just doing the writing, editing, revisions etc. etc.  And maybe because I was accustomed to saying I was published and having my [...]

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Squirrels and the Romance Writer

Mating squirrels and the romance writer Imagine my surprise when I awoke yesterday morning to scurrying overhead. Something was in the attic, something that sounded like squirrels dancing. (Little did I know…) My dog Hattie began to bark at about 8:00 [...]

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Things I didn’t Know

What’s your favorite romance trope? This question was in an interview I did recently and my first reaction was, trope? What's a trope? I had never heard the word before. Nev-er! I consider myself to be someone with a fairly large [...]

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In Praise of the Novella

     In the frantic pace of today’s publishing world—particularly indie fiction—writers are expected to put out frequent work to satisfy the cravings of their fans.  If you’re driving yourself crazy trying to publish three to five novels a year, you can [...]

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