“Trust me,” said the writer.

I have to admit to feeling an unhealthy jolt of jealousy when I read about fellow authors writing and selling novel after novel, writing faster and -- almost impossibly -- better with each book. That can't be. Can it? I'm always [...]

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Meet Blogger Jane Litte

Welcome Jane Litte, passionate reader and blogger at Dear Author.com...There is a lot of handwringing within the literary fiction world over the decline of print book review sections in major newspapers all over the country. Websites and blogs, usually run by [...]

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And the winner of GALVESTON is…

"Galveston wonderfully recreates the exciting atmosphere of the Island City during the Civil War, bringing to life the mostly real characters in the drama with historical accuracy, yet telling the story in an engaging way that is sure to captivate any [...]

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Meet Agent Barbara Poelle

Welcome Barbara Poelle, an agent with the Irene Goodman Literary agency.Tell us about your agency and yourself.The Irene Goodman Literary Agency has been in business for nearly 30 years with the agents representing authors in a wide range of genres including [...]

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