Here are the instructions for editing conference attendees. The website developer is working on an additional report that will list attendees and dates on a single page, but in the meantime all fields can be viewed or modified by editing the registration form entry.


View/edit registrants via the NINC Conference Report


1) Log into the NINC Website


2) From the WP Admin panel, choose Forms-->Entries
Hover over "Forms" on the left hand side, and choose "Entries"


3) Choose a Registration type (Member, Industry Guest, etc)


4) Click the NAME of the person whose registration you want to edit.


5) Click the blue edit button on the registration entry

This will be on the RIGHT side of the screen, in the ENTRY information box.


6) Edit the entry

Note #1: In addition to updating the values the member entered, you can add cancellation dates, hotel entry/exit dates, roommate information, and admin-only notes. Scroll to the bottom to see all the options.

Note #2: "Paid in Full" is updated automatically when the member pays via the website. In the case that the member pays by CHECK, this date would need to be entered by hand.


7) Click the blue update button to save your changes