Step 1:

Review new member applications.

List of unverified applicants:
View applications:
All Un-Verified & Unapproved:


Step 2:

Verify applicant has submitted documentation, & confirm qualifications.

List of unverified applicants:
View Documentation:
All Un-Verified & Unapproved:


Step 3:

If applicant's documentation checks out, update their profile and change their role from Unverified to VERIFIED.

List of verified-but-unapproved applicants:
All Un-Approved:


Step 4:

Send REAL names, PEN names, and city/state of verified qualifying applicants to the newsletter editor.

List of verified applicants:


Step 5:

15 days after the newsletter has come out, if no qualifying objections have been made (a board member will alert you in case of a problem), update applicant profile from Verified to APPROVED.

List of verified applicants:


Step 6:

Email Applicant to let them know they have been approved, and may now log in to pay their member dues.


Step 7:

Once approved applicant has submitted their dues, update applicant profile from Approved to MEMBER.


Step 8:

The website will automatically email them the 2019 New Member Welcome Packet.


Additional Notes

When you are approving the verified applicants after the newsletter comes out, make sure you pay attention to the application date so that you are only approving the people whose names were in the newsletter.

For example, if the most recent Nink came out on May 1, then on May 15 we should approve April applicants only, NOT people who were verified in May after the newsletter came out.

Then, on June 15, we should approve applicants who were verified back in May.

If a member does not pay their dues, an admin should bump their status down from Member to APPROVED APPLICANT, rather than delete the user.

This allows lapsed members to log in and pay dues without needing to apply all over again.