Now that we have a new level in place ("lapsed" or "grace period" members) grabbing that list should be a lot easier, while we're waiting for people to renew their dues.

Specifically, writers who were active 2017 members but have not yet paid 2018 dues, therefore fall into the current grace period.

There are now two ways to get the info, depending on how detailed a report you need:

NINC Reports Menu

  1. Click "NINC Reports" → "Member Report" in the left menu
  2. Click "Lapsed Members" in the dropdown
  3. Click "Export CSV" at the bottom

WP User Reports Menu

  1. Click "Users" → "Export User Data" in the left menu
  2. Load "Lapsed & Grace Period" members in the dropdown
  3. Click "Run Export" at the bottom

Step by Step, Method #1:


Step by Step, Method #2: