Assistant editor duties (as assigned by the editor)

  • Contribute ideas to the editorial calendar; work with editor/SMEs to create blurbs
    • A strong blurb that is agreed to before assigning a new contributor/SME an article is important to avoid disappointment later (such as a kill fee or “this article is too elementary for our members”). Suggest writing a thesis statement and the top 3-5 points the article will cover. Also share with the SME the level of NINC member expertise to ensure the article is geared to well-established authors.
  • Source Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and request articles
    • Provide Nink policy to SMEs (copyright, kill fee, payment info) before SMEs submit work
    • Request bios, head shots, payment info from SMEs
    • Format bios per Nink’s policy (50-100 words, links OK)
  • Source article reprints (such as from author blogs, non-NINC publications, articles of interest to the membership). Seek editor’s permission first to confirm payment parameters, then seek reprint rights from copyright holder if approved by editor.
  • Provide first-pass editing and formatting on submitted articles and reprints
  • Coordinate departments, e.g. getting submissions from the membership committee, writing up member notes, columnist submissions