Nink editor gmail account

PW: TellMeMore16

Owner: Heidi Joy Tretheway (contains no personally identifiable info except birthday; can be passed to another editor; currently linked to my author email & cell phone for recovery)


Editor duties

  • Manage overall budget
    • Provide invoices to the treasurer to pay columnists
    • Provide updates to board on budget/spending pace
  • Manage overall editorial calendar
    • Ensure each issue has a mix of business/marketing/craft articles
    • Hire columnists/ make assignments to regular contributors
    • Develop a wish list/future articles plan based on member conversations/curiosity/demand
    • Plan ahead by assigning work for future issues—suggest sourcing 2-4 months out
  • Provide editorial direction
    • Ensure Nink editorial policy is followed
    • Plan issues around a theme or an area of member interest if desired
    • Ensure the article fits NINC’s membership level of seniority/sophistication
    • Work with authors if kill fee is required
  • Assemble newsletter
    • Collect all content from contributors and/or assistant editor
    • Approve distribution coordinator’s draft newsletter prior to publication
    • Ensure a redacted public version is created (removing members-only info) by distribution coordinator
  • Lead Nink communications
    • Especially right after newsletter deployment, monitor email account to follow up on any issues regarding distribution, e.g. can’t open file
    • Communicate deadlines to columnists, authors & contributors (including NINC board and conference committee)
    • Post to NINClink and Facebook page that the newsletter is out, with a teaser about the content
  • Maintain Nink policy for authors & copyrights
    • Share Nink submissions policy with authors in advance of submission
    • Ensure reprint rights are secured, paid, and honored