Step 1

Make sure the newsletter file is saved on your computer using this format: YEAR_MONTH_NINK-PUBLIC.TYPE

  • 2017_01_Nink-public.pdf
  • 2017_01_Nink-public.epub

IMPORTANT: Because NINC attachments are automatically secure, you MUST include "-public" at the end of the file name in order for the system to know it's okay for non-members to download.

(See image at right.)

Step 2

Log into NINC, and edit the MEMBERS ONLY archive by clicking here:

Step 3

Click the "Add Media" Button

Step 4

Click "Upload Files" to upload files.

Step 5

You can drag and drop or use the file chooser.

Step 6

You do NOT need to click "Insert into Page". This will happen automatically.

Instead, just click the X to close out of the Media uploader.

You're done! Visit your page here: