So many people have expressed interest in the rise of Entangled Publishing.  I’m Misa Ramirez, the marketing director and today I’m thrilled to tell our story here at NINC.  We love dedicated authors and great books.  After all, these two things are at the core of our business plan and philosophy.

 It is because of our dedicated authors writing amazing books that Entangled Publishing exists. And it is because of the uncompromising vision of Liz Pelletier, Entangled’s publisher, that it has grown into a phenomenal force before our release titles have even launched.

But let me backtrack.  My journey with Entangled Publishing began about eight months ago.  I got a call from Liz to discuss the marketing side of the new company she’d formed.  I listened, talked, and was generally amazed at her philosophy of bridging the gap between traditional and indie publishing by offering 40% royalties, simultaneous print and eBook publication, sound and far-reaching distribution channels, dedicated marketing dollars, and more.  I couldn’t wait to join the amazing management team of Liz, Melanie Ayers, and Heather Howland.  The chance to be in on the ground floor of such an exciting venture was too exciting an opportunity to pass up.  I believe the Entangled Publishing business plan is paving the way for the future of publishing.

We’ve all been asked why any of us would join a start up from which we’d be paid on a royalty/commission basis?  The short answer is that we all believe in the business model, what Entangled Publishing is striving to do for authors and books, and we’re all willing to work hard to ensure the company’s success, and the success of the authors we’ve signed.  We see the potential.  We’re each fully committed to the success of our entire list.  If a book doesn’t sell well, we don’t make money.  This is true from the publisher down to the publicists, and everyone in between.  We all have a vested interest in our books.

I dove into my job by creating a marketing plan, publicist job expectations (each and every author is paired with a publicist who oversees the promotion of each title), creating ads, building relationships, and myriad other tasks.  Meanwhile, Liz and Heather were busy acquiring the most amazing titles you’ll see this fall (a daunting task, to be sure, since the number and quality of both agented and unagented submissions was and continues to be phenomenal).  Cover art was developed for our release titles and beyond, the best, most dedicated and energetic publicists were hired, and the adventure began in earnest.  We have a marketing department dedicated to promoting every title, a subrights department (foreign/translation rights agent, as well as a film rights agent) actively working to sell these rights (and there has been phenomenal interest early on; negotiating for both is happening as you read this), and an experienced (and growing) editorial team (with exciting announcements on the horizon).  We have interns, and one of our key components is an advisory board (strictly volunteer) to guide us in all facets of the industry.  We seek to grow, learn, and develop a publishing company which truly meets the needs of 21st century readers and writers.

We have all worked tirelessly...okay, well, actually we’re all very tired... to make sure all our ducks are in a row for our big launch on August 2nd.  We can’t wait to see our books shelved, being read, and loved.

Our authors are all over the place in the weeks leading up to our launch, and after.  We’re doing a Live Chat on August 2nd (Tuesday Evening, AUGUST 2, 2011 at 9EST (8CST / 7MST / 6PST)) at Coffee Time Romance, and an ALL DAY SCAVENGER HUNT on August 5th where you can be entered into a drawing to win a KOBO loaded with all our launch titles.

Thanks again to Vella and NINC for the opportunity to share today!

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