Novelists, Inc. unconditionally condemns copyright infringement and plagiarism, and we urge publishers, readers, and the media to recognize plagiarism and copyright infringement for what they are: theft.

Intellectual property— including the stories we write and the unique way in which we each craft our words— is protected by copyright law. Copyright infringement and plagiarism are each the act of stealing another writer's work, in whole or in part, and passing it off as one's own creation.

As career novelists, we in Novelists, Inc. take plagiarism and copyright infringement seriously not only as inexcusable ethical and legal violations, but also because they damage our profession as a whole.

Members of Novelists, Inc., may have access to our Legal Fund.  The fund exists to assist members who encounter legal issues pertaining to their careers (excluding contract negotiations). Most issues will not be resolved within the limits of the Fund, but it does afford members an opportunity to go over their situation with a legal professional, who will assess the problem and render advice.