The Linda Kay West Memorial Fund is used to cover the cost of yearly dues for members who otherwise could not afford to renew their membership.

The fund is supported by voluntary contributions from members, who indicate on the yearly membership renewal form that they are paying an additional amount above their normal dues in support of the fund.

Members may apply for assistance from the fund no more than once every four years.

Members may not apply for assistance from the fund for their first full year of membership.

To use the fund: Contact the Central Coordinator with the following message: "I am currently financially unable to pay my dues for the year and would like to take advantage of the Linda Kay West Memorial Fund. I understand that I may take advantage of this opportunity only once every four years."

The Central Coordinator can be contacted at

The fund may also be used for up to three conference scholarships per year. Scholarships will cover the cost of the conference fee only, and all other expenses are paid by the recipient. Conference scholarships are awarded only once in a member’s lifetime. Applicants need only send a request by mail or email to the Central Coordinator. Members may also nominate fellow members. If more than three requests are received, names will be drawn at random.

Linda Kay West Memorial Fund Donation Form

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