While in the shower this morning, my mind went to the wip, specifically the short scene I'm working on.  On first blush the scene is about revealing a minor character's mood and getting her to be honest about what's happening inside her.  But my protagonist was responsible for the minor character's revelation, in part because she's in the middle of her own emotional mess.  Before I'd rinsed off, I knew I needed to shift focus at the end so my protagonist comes out of the conversation with greater self-understanding.

My mood at that moment, happy.  This is, imo, the best part of writing.  When the pieces fall together and characters speak to me.

Then I logged on and started reading my email and there it was, the business arm of writing.  Unless you've been under the proverbial rock, you know about the responses to Harlequin's decision to enter the vanity publishing waters.  Reactions are all over the map.  Everyone has an opinion.  Some are more vocal than others and tempers flare even among Ninc members.  I read the latest posts, then went back and caught up on those written over the weekend.

Mood?  Acknowledging my knotted stomach said it all.

But I can't stay in that place, not if I'm going to accomplish what I need to as a writer which is to finish the above mentioned scene and move onto the next.  I passionately care about the publishing business, that's how I pay the bills and have for many years.  But for the rest of today I intend to set aside that part of my brain and concentrate on what I have control over.  I must.

And its going to be good because finally, finally the damnable fog is gone.  I can actually see the sky and hills beyond my office.  Yes, its cold, like 16 degrees cold, but that doesn't tamp me down the way thick fog does.  My vow, to set aside the outside world, even my family.  Today its all about the book and my passion for it.

I dare say I'm not the only writer making the same decision.