I never wanted to self-publish. Never... because I am a slow writer and thought I had my hands full just doing the writing, editing, revisions etc. etc.  And maybe because I was accustomed to saying I was published and having my ego flattered when someone asked, "Are you published?"

 But a while back I happened to run into a very persuasive writer pal, a Ninc member, who told me what she was making self-publishing her books and how much she was enjoying having control, and suddenly, thinking if she can do it, so can I, I decided to try indie-publishing.

  This is not the first time being persuaded by if she can do it, so can I thinking has gotten me into deep waters.

  So--for the past year I've acquired titles, written on a new series, revised, edited, polished, tweeted, run Facebook contests, lurked on E-loops, etc.etc... and still haven't put anything up. But soon, soon... There have been so many challenges, but the greatest is time management. I am either slow, or I can't prioritize because I never get nearly enough done.

  I just came home from RWA amazed by all the savvy writers juggling so many priorities who have their act together.


  And they can navigate in sexy high-heels too!

Posted by Ann Major