My FirstTime or An Anecdotal History of Author'sFirst Time Hitting the New York Times Bestseller List
By: Catherine Coulter

Getting Down to Business
By: William Bernhardt

Letter to the Editor
By: Laura Taylor

Letter to the Editor
By: Elaine Race Chase

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by: JoAnn Ross

By-laws Change: If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix it
By: Deborah Gordon

No Secrets to Success
By: Victoria Thompson

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By: Janice K. Johnson

The Art of the Tax Form
By: Alexandra Steen C.P.A.

A Book By Its Cover II: "Green Books Don't Sell"
By: Laura Resnick

East of the Hudson
By: Evan Maxwell

Conference Session on "Guide to Agents"
By: Deborah Gordon

(Denver 1995) Conference Update
By: Patty Gardner Evans