Membership Update
By Boyd Craven and Sarah Woodbury

President’s Voice
By Erica Ridley

How to Have a Long Career in Traditional Publishing
Part 3: To Indie or Not, and Some Good Advice
By Victoria Thompson

Creativity Tidbits
Where To Find Inspiration
By Denise A. Agnew

NINC Advice Column
QUESTION: How do you stay sane and balance writing and family over the holidays?

The Mad Scribbler
By Laura Resnick

Eleven Ways Every Author Can Earn More from Every Story
Presenters: Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant
Reported by Trish Milburn

Of Human Bondage
Presenter: Cheryl Klein
Reported by Michele Dunaway

Writing the Other
Presented by Nisi Shawl
Reported by Jennifer Stevenson

1+1 = Infinity
Why collaboration is the future of publishing
Presented by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant
Reported by Delaney Diamond

How to Write Your Best Book?
Embrace Your Weirdness
Presenter: Cheryl Klein
Reported by Christa Allan

Where Do Editors Come In?
Presenters: Mary-Theresa Hussey and Marsha Zinberg
Reported by Michele Dunaway

Working Together
Authors and Author Assistants
Presenters: Mel Jolly of and Author Leslie Langtry
Reported by Cidney Swanson

Data and Story
Presenter: Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks
Reported by Barbara Meyers