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Novelists, Inc. - The Professional Network for Career Novelists

For over 30 years, NINC has offered its 1000+ authors the opportunity to:


Connect with a global community of authors committed to the business of writing


Spur innovation and demystify the publishing industry


Become a vital link in the sharing of knowledge


A novelist of at least TWO works

Traditionally AND/OR indie published of at least 30,000 words


Net earnings match one of these options:

$2000+ advance

$2000+ over 12 consecutive months (traditional publishing)

$5000+ over 12 consecutive months (indie publishing)


Join a Thriving Community

"The single most valuable writers organization out there"

Monthly Newsletter

Insightful and timely topics about our industry

Annual Conference

Conversations and networking opportunities rise far above what you'll experience anywhere else.

Member’s Vault

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Only $95 a Year!

NINC is a network of successful authors helping each other manage successful writing careers throughout their lifetimes.


Hot Topics:

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“NINC gives you the tools to stay published in an ever-changing industry!”


Most popular Session 2021:

"Constructing the Perfect Amazon Book Sales Page"

"I joined Novelists, Inc. in its infancy in the early 90s. NINC is, by far, the single most valuable writers organization out there. I became so involved and committed that I served a year as president and have been a continuous member for over 25 years. Join us! You won't be sorry."

Steven Womack

"Being a member of NINC is enormously valuable to me as a writer. It's a like-minded community of professionals who engage, motivate, and share insights of the ever-changing business side of our industry, that has helped nurture my long career."

Sandra Kitt

"After about 40 novels, paper and hardback, NY and I parted company. NINC has kept me afloat. I now have 37 backlist and original titles out as e-books, thanks to my fellow NINC members. Ruth Harris wrote an article for the NINC newsletter on promoting e-books including an annotated list of internet sites designed to do just that. Bless her! Bless NINC, which keeps on delivering valuable information for professional writers."

We are committed to welcoming a diverse and inclusive membership to our organization, and no author will ever be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, identification, religious/spiritual beliefs if any, ability, nationality or age. It is our desire and goal to make sure that every author member feels welcomed and accepted and heard.

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