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Welcome to Novelists, Inc.

The premier professional organization for career novelists.

NINC members include traditionally published, indie published, and hybrid novelists.

Every member of NINC has published at least 2 novels
The “average” member has published 24 novels
89% of our members have been publishing for more than 5 years
Only $95 a Year!

Benefits of NINC Membership:

For over 30 years, NINC has offered its 1000+ authors the opportunity to connect with a global community of authors committed to the business of writing, spur innovation and demystify the publishing industry, and become a vital link in the sharing of knowledge.

Join a Thriving Community

“The single most valuable writers organization out there.”

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Conversations, workshops, and networking opportunities rise far above what you’ll experience anywhere else.

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From our president:

Novelists, Inc. (NINC) is committed to welcoming a diverse and inclusive membership to our organization and serving all members. No author will ever be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual beliefs if any, ability, nationality or age. It is NINC’s desire and goal to make sure that every author member feels welcomed and accepted and heard.


What our members are saying
  • “I joined Novelists, Inc. in its infancy in the early 90s. NINC is, by far, the single most valuable writers organization out there. I became so involved and committed that I served a year as president and have been a continuous member for over 25 years. Join us! You won’t be sorry.”
    —Steven Womack, Edgar and Shamus Award-winning author
  • “Being a member of NINC is enormously valuable to me as a writer. It’s a like-minded community of professionals who engage, motivate, and share insights of the ever-changing business side of our industry, that has helped nurture my long career.”
    —Sandra Kitt, winner of the 2010 Zora Neale Hurston Literary Award
  • “NINC continues to be my most valuable member organisation with a wide variety of smart, knowledgeable members who are generous with their knowledge—whether it’s in the mailing list or the annual conference.”

    —Tao Wong, bestselling science fiction & fantasy author
  • “NINC is the best and most supportive group for serious fiction writers that I’ve ever found. It’s informative, fun, and filled with great, helpful people!”

    — Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling romance author
  • “The thing I most appreciate about the annual NINC conference is the collection of authors, industry professionals, and vendors all under one roof. There’s nowhere else that I can make these kinds of connections, and the connections that I’ve made have impacted my business’ bottom line year after year. All while walking in the sand with a cocktail in my hand!”

    — novelist Ines Johnson
  • “In all of my years in the industry, I’ve never known an organization that is both as professional and supportive as NINC. It’s filled with people who care deeply about writers and can tap into the resources to improve writers’ lives. I belong to exactly one writers organization, because NINC is the only one I need or want.”

    —Lou Aronica, bestselling writer & co-founder of The Fiction Studio and The Story Plant
  • “Joining NINC has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my writing career. The organization (and the people within it) provide a huge wealth of support, experience, and advice that you can’t find anywhere else.”

    — novelist Carrie Elks
  • “Almost every author writes alone, the voices in their head the only conversations they’ll have for hours. Sometimes you need to get out of your headspace, speak to your tribe, and NINC has been invaluable for that, with a community that motivates and inspires, every single day.”

    —Tony Lee, bestselling author of novels, comics, & scripts
  • “You can’t beat NINC and its members for excellent information about the craft of writing and the business of publishing.”

    —Donna Andrews, Anthony and Agatha award-winning mystery novelist

Join us at the beach!


The NINC conference brings together our members, who are all multi-published authors in traditional and/or indie publishing, with a wide variety of industry professionals and guest speakers for a unique experience of networking and high-level professional development.

Tradewinds Island Grand Resort —St. Pete Beach, Florida
September 18-22, 2024


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