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Novelists, Inc. (NINC) is the professional organization for career novelists.

Founded in 1989, NINC is a nonprofit organization which focuses on networking, education, and advocacy for professional authors of book-length fiction. Based in the US, we welcome members from all over the world.

NINC is unique in being the only organization for multi-published novelists across all genres and subgenres of fiction, including—but certainly not limited to—mainstream, mystery, young adult, romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, erotica, historical, and adventure fiction. Some NINC members write in one genre or subgenre, while others write across multiple genres.

Our members include traditionally published novelists, indie or self-published authors, and writers whose careers combine both traditional and indie publication. Many of our members also write professionally in other fields, such as journalism, screenwriting, comics, drama, short fiction, and nonfiction.

NINC members have helped expand genres and subgenres of popular fiction and have been frontrunners in the digital revolution. They have pushed beyond boundaries of style, storytelling, marketing, and bookselling. Their names regularly appear on bestseller lists, “year’s best” lists, and lists of award finalists and winners.

NINC members benefit from sharing and exchanging their exceptional depths of knowledge about the business and craft of writing and publishing fiction, building a readership, dealing with the various challenges of this profession, and maintaining a long-term career as a novelist.

Member Services

We distribute a monthly in-house publication to our members, Nink, which offers informative articles aimed at the working novelist. You can find some sample articles on our blog. We host an annual members-only conference with intensive workshops and many opportunities to meet and network with our industry guests. Other member services include the Legal Fund and special discounts that we negotiate for our members with various professional services.


NINC is a member of the Authors Coalition of America (ACA), a coalition of more than 20 American organizations, representing over 85,000 authors, artists and photographers.

Most members find the greatest benefits we offer are networking and community.

When you join NINC you will:
Connect with a global community of authors committed to the business of writing
Enter conversations that spur innovation and demystify the publishing industry
Become a vital link in the sharing of knowledge

To be considered for membership in NINC, a writer needs to have published at least two qualifying novels. Details about qualifying can be found under Membership Requirements.

We are committed to welcoming a diverse and inclusive membership to our organization, and no author will ever be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, identification, religious or spiritual beliefs if any, ability, nationality or age. It is our desire and goal to make sure that every author member feels welcomed and accepted and heard.

NINC brings our many voices and talents together for one purpose — to help each of us manage our writing career throughout a lifetime.

We are Novelists, Inc.

Our story is one of networking and strong success.