1. What are the requirements to join Novelists, Inc.?

Applicants must have published two novels to be considered eligible for membership. Learn more about our membership requirements.

2. How much are dues? Is there an annual increase?

Annual dues for NINC are $95 (in U.S. funds). If you are applying online between:

  • January 1 and June 30 - Pay the application fee ($15) and the full yearly dues ($95). Renewals begin for the next year in November (due by January 31).
  • July 1 and November 14 - Pay the application fee ($15) and dues of $140. This fee covers the remainder of the year when the application is filed AND the year to follow.
  • November 15 through December 31 - Pay the application fee ($15) and the membership fee ($95), which covers membership for the following year.

3. How do I know when my membership is up for renewal?

Dues renewal notices are posted to NINClink, the NINC Facebook group, and via a mass membership emailing on November 15 every year. Members’ dues are payable on or before January 31 whether or not you have received notification.

4. How do I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership online. Simply log in from the home page and go to your Membership Profile. If you can't remember your password, simply select that option and our Admin will contact you to help.

If your membership has lapsed for longer than 12 months, you must reapply for membership and pay the $15 application fee.

5. How progressive or current is the organization?

As a global community of more than 1000 multi-published novelists committed to the business of writing, NINC is an organization grounded firmly in the now — with all its opportunities and challenges — while looking to the future.

Our vision reaches far forward and is perhaps best illustrated in NINC’s popular yearly conference, which brings the publishing industry into sharp focus.

Our members cast their votes and share their voices, as well as their hard-won professional expertise. Our board and committee members serve and strengthen our network. As a whole, our organization is filled with vision and ventures, all focused on the business of writing. Join us!

6. Do you have different tracks? A newly-published author versus an established author?

There are no tracks and no tiers within NINC. The organization exists for the multi-published, career novelist. Whether you’ve written two novels or 200, we invite you to plug into the vast network that is NINC.

7. Is a member willing to talk/type with me about joining NINC? If so, who, and how do I contact that person?

Most likely, each of our members would be willing to talk with you about NINC and their experience as a member! We are a close knit group who enjoy sharing our thoughts and expertise — and lending a strong shoulder for support when needed. Our Contact page provides several ways to contact NINC.

8. Will joining this organization help me sell more books?

There is no crystal ball within NINC, but there does exist a vast network of knowledge, energy, and professional savvy that you can utilize to help create a strong writing career. As a member, you will be directly linked to nearly 800 other career novelists who have made a commitment to create, publish, market, and sell their work — in today’s marketplace and beyond. Our best advice? Join NINC. Get involved. Make connections. Build your career.

9. Will membership in NINC help me market my work?

NINC members are always eager to provide information, advice, and ideas for book marketing, whether traditionally published novels or indie-published novels. We also offer opportunities for authors to blog on our NINC blog. Please be aware that NINC is not a promotional group, so email messages to our discussion loop about your books, contests, or online articles are not acceptable.