NINC membership benefits focus on helping authors of commercial fiction make the most of their careers. We asked more than 400 members which NINC benefits they value most. They told us that NINC’s networking opportunities and deep educational resources—in the newsletter and at the conference—are essential.

When you become a NINC member, you’ll get access to:

  • Annual Conference – Thought leaders in both traditional and self publishing address topics including business, industry, marketing, craft, and writing life.
  • Nink Newsletter – NINC's monthly newsletter offers original articles commissioned specifically for advanced authors, including author business management, marketing strategy, publishing industry updates, and career perspective.
  • Connect with NINC members – Join the NINClink discussion group for a wealth of industry and career information. Ask questions, discuss breaking industry news, and stay informed.

Membership also unlocks these resources on our website:

  • Pro Services DirectoryCURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.
  • Legal FundThis assists members with publishing-related legal issues (excluding contract negotiations) to review their situation with an attorney. We also offer sample letters to help authors request reversion of rights.
  • Discount ProgramsBusinesses offering discounts to NINC members include Book Brush, BookFunnel, Publisher’s Weekly, and Reedsy.
  • Linda Kay West Memorial FundThis covers the cost of yearly dues for members who otherwise could not afford to renew their membership, and may also be used for conference scholarships.

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