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ScribeCount is an indie author’s best friend. Our primary service is automated sales aggregation and reporting from over 40 publishing platforms, all combined into user-friendly charts and features that can be assessed in seconds. Whether you are publishing on all platforms or through Amazon’s Select program, ScribeCount allows each author to customize their reports to fit their individual needs.

Additional features include Ad tracking, KU status and price monitoring, daily email summaries, indie news consolidation, related income and expense tracking, keyword generation, pre-orders, chart comparison, and many more.

ScribeCount does this all without needing the author’s passwords, cookies, or personal information, nor does the service run in the background when the author is not using it. Since launching in early 2021 ScribeCount has added additional platforms and features on a monthly basis with no plans of slowing down.

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NINC members receive a 10% discount at this link, which will be subtracted when you subscribe. (The discount expires at the end of December 2022A free 14 day trial is also available for everyone, as is a discounted subscription fee if you subscribe for a year. If you are an existing ScribeCount user already receiving a 10% discount, our discount cannot be used as an addition.

If you have suggestions for more discounts, contact the NINC Discounts Chairperson. []