Nink is the official newsletter of Novelists, Inc.

Nink is intended to serve members of Novelists, Inc., with relevant, actionable, sophisticated, and industry-leading content that helps them in all aspects of their author careers: writing and editing, writer’s life, business and legal, marketing and publicity, etc. It endeavors to serve all authors in membership.

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Nink’s editorial judgment reflects the philosophy of NINC, which means:

  • Declining to comment on other writing organizations and their activities.
  • Declining to distinguish members through awards.
  • Equally valuing all publishing routes (self, traditional and hybrid).
  • Advocating on behalf of authors’ interests over publishers’ or platforms’ interests.
  • Emphasizing content relevant to all genres (and aiming to balance genre-specific information).
  • Emphasizing industry-leading expertise and original content unique to Nink.
  • Refusing advertising placements and self-promotion from contributors.
  • Maintaining privacy by redacting new member applicant information from public issues of Nink.

If you have questions about the editorial policy, or wish to propose an article, please contact Nink editor Harper St. George.