Web design and development is Tara Green's great passion. She is an Allaire Trained Cold Fusion and SQL programmer wiith over 10 years experience in technology and programming. Having worked closely with many authors she has been able to bring an author's website vision to life. The focus at Author Web Designs By Tara is on usability and database driven web sites as well as aesthetically pleasing and original designs.

Dazzle Your Readers with Spectacular e-Newsletters

Readers are moved by words. Words can make you cry, make your heart pound, or even make you laugh. As authors you know this already. When you combine stunning graphics that bring your words to life, it incites these same types of emotions.

Who wants to receive a text-only newsletter? Sure, it may be informative, but it is also boring. With so many emails, it could end up in the delete folder. Avoid that and take it up a notch. This is a present to your readers and newsletter subscribers. Delight them and impress them!

Romance readers in particular are drawn to gorgeous book cover art that include all sorts of varied seductive settings, atmospheric graphics, and attractive heroes and heroines. Give them something to talk about, something they will remember when they visit the bookstore next time. Graphical e-newsletters will stand out and set you above the fold. Sending out a monthly or quarterly newsletter can build your fan base, generate new readers, and keep royalty sales flowing.

Remember to set up a schedule for your newsletters, and stay consistent by doing mailings at least a couple of times a year. Place subscribe links and forms on your website and begin to build your own promotional powerhouse base. If your publisher asks, "Can you market your book on your own?", you can respond with a resounding "Yes!".

If you aren't sure what you could include in your newsletter besides your book release information, here are a few ideas:

1. A holiday greeting - readers appreciate receiving good wishes and they will remember that you did it
2. Recipes - readers love recipes, especially ones that may tie into your book some how
3. Pictures of your pets - there is something about a cute animal that can make your newsletter memorable
4. Latest news - anything you are working on, or upcoming projects are always of interest to readers
5. Contest information - run a contest and let your readers know how to enter

Always encourage readers to forward your newsletters and remember to archive them on your own website. Provide opt-out options clearly and always keep your list opt-in only. Never share your list with other authors and never use another author's list.

Here are some recent examples of newsletters designed by Author Web Designs By Tara . You should always hire a professional web designer to prepare your electronic newsletters. They will know how to format them so that your readers will be able to receive them in their emails and read them with ease.

Tara Green's work has been featured in Yahoo! Internet Life! magazine and Maxim Online Guide to the Web. Fusing her professional web development skills with her love for novels. Tara works with some of the top best selling authors in the industry. She also runs over 20 online fiction communities dedicated to authors, books, and reviews and has friends all over the world who share her interest in reading and writing romance. You can find out more at Eye On Romance, her other communities by visiting here.

Tara Green also owns and manages Siren Projects, a marketing company to assist other authors with their online marketing needs. Tara also owns many online fiction communities.

Thanks to Dara Girard for inviting Tara to blog for us.